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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Toning & Running (in a Santa Suit)

I recently entered a competition to win some products from a new skincare company Nota Bene Skinkcare,

and am now the proud owner of a lovely bottle of May Chang & Camomile toner for combination skin, which arrived in a lovely gift bag with star confetti.

product thumbnail

It feels lovely on my skin, and there is a lovely light scent from the ingredients, Neroli and Bergamot water.   All ingredients are natural, organic and ethically sourced.    It's not at all astringent, which I have found with many toners and prepares my skin for moisturiser without any problems.   I'm sure this product works best with it's partnering ranges but at present I'm using another cleanser and moisturiser without any problems.

I'm looking forward to trying the other products that go with the toner.   Nota Bene are currently offering a free trial sample of moisturisers, all you pay is the postage and packing.

Well done to Nota Bene for a lovely product

I'm now well into Half Marathon training plan, although the weekday runs and cross training have been few and far between.  I have, however, managed to increase my long run distance without too much problem and am now up to just under 8 miles. 

Today was the YMCA Reigate Santa 5k Run.  I ran this "fun run" last year  and so we (brother Steve, his girlfriend Jo & running twitter friend Alma) decided to give it a go this year.   

This year's race had a celebrity starter - Shane Richie off the telly.  My daughter's reward for getting up early on a cold Sunday morning was a pic with the cheeky chappie himself

The fab four head off

Steve comes into the finish

Santa Jo coming into the finish

Santas Alma & Lesley get ready for a sprint to the line & a high five from Mr Richie!
I was really looking forward to setting a "running 5k in a Santa Suit" PB as I'm hoping my running has improved in the last 12 months; I'm pleased to report that whilst it wasn't the fastest 5k (due to running 3 loops - which I absolutely detest - in a "one size fits all" santa suit) I did manage to knock over a minute off last year's time.   

I was also supposed to be doing a long run - training plan required 9 miles so was going to take the opportunity of adding a few miles on to the 5k and run from Reigate to my parents in Horley.   Unfortunately we hadn't reckoned on Mr B going down with a nasty stomach bug in the early hours of the morning so he was left at home and my long run abandoned due to it being a logistical nightmare.

I'm really hoping that I can get the motivation going in the next few weeks to train properly during the week.   I'm struggling with keeping my weight down too and am in the never ending circle of lose & gain, which is really frustrating.   

I've just spotted that Janathon entry is now up and running, not sure whether this will motivate me to get out and train again, or whether I'm running out of time and will be motivated to run anyway!  Will have to think about it for a few days.

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