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Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Busy Day - The Running Show!

Following a terrible night's sleep thanks to the disgusting weather we're currently experiencing Shaun and I went to The Running Show at Sandown Racecourse today.    It was a great day out for both us - a lot more cycling stuff for Shaun than we thought there would be and obviously a LOT of running stuff to take in.  Free pre-registration included a "goody bag" with some free gels and recovery powder - which I'm sure will come in handy.

The best part for me was the choice of seminars, there were two "theatres" with hourly talks.  I managed to catch most of the talk given by Sam Murphy from Runners World on training and completing a half and full marathon.  Listening to what she had to say made me realise my training is going to be ok, just need to make sure I fit in cross training and core/strength training too.

Also on offer were yoga for runners sessions (which were extra admission fee) and a 10k race.

There were some great products and services on show and some great deals on offer.  Some of my favourites were :-

Running Skirts UK  who as the name suggests sell some lovely running skirts 


who supply medal hangers - a great Christmas present idea for any runner/sports person with medals hanging on the back of a door or thrown in a drawer!

Sigvaris Logo

Both Shaun and I loved this supplier of compression wear who were very passionate about their products, and I think we will be ordering from the site after Christmas.

Workplay Bags were there too - and if I didn't already have a good running pouch I wouldn't definitely buy one of theirs.

Lots of nutrition and hydration suppliers too, with chances to sample and money off deals.

Shaun was particularly interested in this bike

but he won't be getting one in a hurry - we only visited this stand 5 times!

We had a great couple of hours and managed to catch up with Twitter friends Ian & Brian over a cup of coffee (thanks for buying Ian) and also meeting @MadeByElves.   Ian and Brian had taken part in the 10k race and both managed splendid PB results.

All in all a great event - I've got 3 new pairs of socks to try out and some free gels!

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