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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Plans & Anxiety Levels

Having had our R&R week in Lanzarote we're now in full "plan Australia" mode, and anxiety levels are off the scale for no rational reason!

It's not like I've never flown before but the dread that is building up with the thought of sitting on a plane for the best part of 24 hours is ridiculous.   On our 3 hours 55 minutes no frills Ryanair flight all I could think was how the hell am I going to sit in this position for 12 hours (that's just the bit to KL) and then another 8 hours to Sydney.  Everyone I've spoken to has said it's hell but there will be plenty of movies to watch (I hope they're right) and we will be plied with food and drink regularly and of course at some point I will be asleep (really?)

I have so many questions going round in my head it's now affecting my sleep.

  • What the hell happens when we stop in KL for an hour and a half?   Apparently my suitcase does it's own little journey all by itself to our new plane and we toddle off to the Departures Lounge to find out where our new boarding gate is!   Doesn't stop me worrying that both suitcases won't actually make it to Sydney.   I've already decided we're definitely doing the "split both our clothes between two suitcases" trick.  No way I'm walking round Sydney for 2 days in the same clothes I travelled in.
  • What do I travel in ?  Something smart cas in case there's a chance of an upgrade or just go comfy in a pair of leggings and a big sloppy tshirt.    Not sure I can go with the second option, maybe change the big sloppy tshirt for a nice top!
  • Can you see how anxious I am yet?
  • How is the jetlag going to affect me?  we want to see and do as much as we can whilst we're in Sydney but am I going to want to walk and do stuff or just stay in my hotel room for 2 days?  
  • How hot is hot?  We've been to Egypt 3 times (in April) and that was hot enough but I think the humidity is slightly different in Aus.  It's the height of their summer FFS - Sydney's cooler than Melbourne, and Melbourne is cooler than Adelaide - still no idea!
  • What sunscreen do I take?  Mr B hates wearing sunscreen at the best of times - he ain't gonna want to wear factor 30 everyday! 
  • That's just for starters!  Not even thinking about the return!!!!!!
We REALLY want to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and hubby has now shown me the zoo (I'm a sucker for good zoo, and apparently Taronga is one of the best).  There are obviously the must-do's like the Opera House and the botanical gardens.  Apparently the Fish Market is one to do too and we quite like the look of Shark Island and Fort Denison - so much to do and so little time.   OH also found a day trip into the Blue Mountains - ever wish you'd booked an extra day Lil ?

Once we leave Sydney we're in the hands of Lou and Andy.   We already know we've got a week in a log cabin in the Grampians at Halls Gap with the family, and Andy's taking us to Adelaide to watch at least one stage (the only stage in my opinion - Wallunga Hill) of the Tour Down Under.    We're both really excited about this part of the trip and this one event was the whole reason for choosing January for our visit.

So, back to the planning!   It's all getting very real now!

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