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Monday, 10 August 2015

Tribby's Travels - Back to Slindon

We've just had the perfect weekend away in Tribby - Shaun packed up ready for me to finish work and leave on the Friday.  Thankfully the Club site at Slindon is only about an hour away from home on a good run.   Luckily I didn't forget anything this time - even remembered to pack my running stuff.

 Friday night was the first night this year it's been warm enough to sit out in the evening.   Shaun had packed the new Lidl BBQ to try out.   We bought some venison burgers when we were in Salisbury so they were the trial meat for dinner!

Normally we have dinner and get ready for bed at about 9pm - this time we stayed up until about 10.30, chatting and watching the bats flying across the campsite.

We also tried out our new mozzy curtain - it even keeps out the wasps!

On Saturday morning Shaun got up and took Archie for a short walk and when he got back I went for my first run in 2 years.  The tracks from the campsite through the woods are perfect for running along - unless you're me who has trouble staying upright.

I was quite pleased with the run overall - I managed to run for a full 10-15 minutes (surprised how the lungs and legs remembered what to do after all this time) and in total with a couple of walk breaks I covered just under 4k in 30 minutes.   I really should've kept running and not walked - the minute I walked I turned my ankle and came crashing to the ground.   Didn't think I'd done too much damage and managed to run a little bit afterwards.

Shaun was waiting for breakfast so a quick shower and get dressed and then sit down to scrambled egg & smoked salmon on toast.   We then headed out of the site and walked down to The Forge in the village for a coffee and some cake,

 and then across the Estate a bit further to the Spur pub.  Quick drink of cider and then we walked back to the site for lunch.

Saturday evening my ankle started to swell - the only way to elevate was to put my leg up on the table - no ice so a tea towel soaked in cold water had to do the job.   Can't believe my first run out finished like that!

On Sunday we had to pack up and go home, so sad as the weather was lovely again.   The ankle was feeling much better but a bit stiff.   I was kinda hoping it would continue to hurt into Monday morning so I didn't have to go to work!

Our next trip is Bank Holiday weekend - back to Salisbury for 3 days!

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