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Thursday, 27 August 2015

To Do in 2015 - Update

Back in January rather than posting New Years Resolutions I posted a "To Do in 2015 list".   After all, what's the point in making resolutions, rarely are they kept to.   In March I posted update - it's been a while so I thought I should update you all on how things are going.

1 Lose Weight

This one has been a hard one - I did get back down to 11 stone thanks to a combination of Jantastic and starting 5:2 and since then managed to maintain.   Keeping going with 5:2 has been difficult to fit in around family life.   There are only a couple of dishes that Danni will eat, Shaun has been on some ridiculous shifts over the last couple of months and I try not to fast if I've got a planned exercise class or bike ride.   It's hard enough walking the dog on fast days!   MUST TRY HARDER - don't want to get another lecture from the Nurse when I go for my check up next month.

2   Read More Books

This to do is going well - I've read 3 books (pah - who am I kidding!)  all of them Peter James!    I have downloaded quite a few new books to my Kindle ready.  Reading times have mainly been when we've been away (when Shaun's not dragging me out for a walk somewhere with Archie) and at bedtime - which is why it's been such slow progress.   At night I probably only read a few words before my eyes are shut and my Kindle lands somewhere on the bed!    MUST TRY HARDER!

3   Explore Great Britain

This one has been great fun - we spent two weeks in July on a road trip through Sussex, Wiltshire & Somerset and then had a few days in the New Forest thanks to our prize win break.   I'm hoping next year we might spread our wings a little further and go North a bit more, trouble is we love the West Country.

4    Get Running Again   

Exciting news on that front - I went for a little test run last Saturday.  It went ok - breathing was fine, shins were fine, calves were a bit tight but apart from that it was great.   Until I fell over during a walk break - going from open ground to wooded area was a disaster.   I twisted my ankle badly and grazed my knee - no more running that day.   I have however downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k podcast on to my Ipod and I am now on week 2!  Fingers crossed.

5   Increase the Mileage on the Bike

Yep, ticked that one off.   40 miles on the Davina Big Sussex Bike Ride.   Cycling has been a bit sparse since then mainly due to Shaun's shifts and the lovely British summer meaning we haven't been out as much as I wanted to.   I have been going out alone doing my 15-20 mile loop but I find it so boring, (a) being on my own and (b) doing the loop.   I was hoping to ride a charity event in September and get up to 60 miles but I think that might have to wait until next year's Davina.  I'm hopefully going to do the Pedal in Preston Park again in October - this year's target is 43 miles (137 laps apparently) to tie in with the 137 years since the Brighton Velodrome was first built. 

6   Try Some New Recipes

I'm constantly printing off new recipes for 5:2 and we have had some lovely meals.   I've also had to fend for myself more when Shaun's been working late. 

7   Australia

As we speak everything is going well with the planning - Visas are done, Lou & Andy have arranged accommodation for a holiday within a holiday at their favourite site in the Grampians so we won't be in Melbourne for too many days and Andy has also arranged for a trip to Adelaide to watch the Tour Down Under.   Shaun and I are looking at things to do in Sydney - if anyone's got any recommendations please comment below.   We have no idea where to start.  We have 3 days to do as much as we can - apart from climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge (that was one of Shaun's ideas!)  If I'm back running I'd like to take part in a Parkrun in Melbourne (I think Albert Park is the nearest) and apparently Andy is sourcing two road bikes for us whilst we are there.   We also need to sort out money - anyone got any ideas on the best way to take spendies?   Don't want to max out the credit cards so would be nice to have some cash, but obviously we don't want to walk around with oodles of dollars in our pockets & presumably the exchange rate for cash out of the wall from our Current Account will be ridiculous!

Looks like the "to do" is going well.

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