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Friday, 29 November 2013

Time to Go With The Flow

At the end of last winter  I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the Winter Blues. Since then I have been taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin C & Zinc and Magnesium supplements as well as attempting to beat the winter cravings.  The latter has been totally unsuccessful even during Spring & Summer and now I haven't run since August thanks to the flipping shinsplints, I've piled on weight and am 2 stone over where I feel comfortable.

On Tuesday this week I attended a seminar about coping with  (SAD) run by Brighton & Hove Wellbeing by the Sea set up by Lucy (LGM Nutrition) & Marco (Open Mindz).  What absolute brilliant timing, although I have been feeling low on and off since September.  There was only a small group of 5 ladies (including my friend Nik) but this meant there was plenty of time for questions and for the session to be quite informal.

One of the things that came out of the evening is that I have to learn to "go with the flow" and not sweat the small stuff.  That's fairly  easy at the moment, although following a mini meltdown on Monday I may be talking too soon.   I think now that maybe my problem last winter was the pressure I put myself under whilst training for the Brighton Half Marathon.  Hopefully the shinsplint injury will be cleared up soon and I can get exercising properly, being able to get out and run or cycle and obviously walk the dog will help.  We'll just have to hope we have lots of cold, clear and crisp days between now and March and not gloomy, damp miserable ones!

Nutritionally I know most of the right things to eat, it's just putting it into practice.  I'm still struggling with the snacking after work and this has got to stop.  Although I did learn that eating a couple of Kiwis before I go to bed to boost my Magnesium level.

I'll also be starting back on the meditation - there are some free podcasts on Itunes to download and also Headspace have an app which I have downloaded to my phone.

All in all I'm quite hopeful that this year I am going to keep on top of the depression.  I have all the tools I need and a fantastic support network of friends and family who now know and understand the situation.

Tonight I went with Dani to watch some of her friends in a production of Macbeth.  It was held in Newhaven Fort and was absolutely brilliant, a lot of walking to each scene throughout the fort but it was very atmospheric with drummers and torches (the flame variety, not the battery operated ones).  Not the usual way to spend a freezing cold November night - but I don't think it would have been anywhere near as good in the daylight during the summer months.


  1. hey you're doing great! stick at it :)

  2. Thank you, I'm certainly feeling more positive than I did this time last year !