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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Long & Slow Road to Recovery

Yes I'm still recovering from shinsplints - it's been 4 weeks now.   I've had 4 weeks of physio with various treatments - massage, ultrasound and 3 weeks of taping !

Week 1 - Calves
Week 2 - shins
Week 3 - shins (to go with my Color Run outfit)
Week 4 I've no tape - quite a relief in some ways, some of the comments I've had and the staring won't be missed.    I was sceptical that the K tape worked but not having it on this week I can feel there is a difference!

I'm still swimming, and thanks to Groupon I have swapped this

 for this, for 10 sessions.

I may go back to the public baths for a couple of swims a week because it's difficult to get to LA Fitness at the weekends.

I've also been given the thumbs up to find an exercise class and to get on the bike.   I haven't quite found an exercise class (may have to dust down Davina or the Wii!) but I have tried out 15 minutes on the static bike at the gym - I think I did it for too long as the shins on Tuesday night were a bit sore.  However, that could be as a result of Saturday's activities - standing around in Guildford High Street 9.30am waiting for the Tour of Britain to arrive from !

No physio this week - instructions are to wait til next week and then assess how the legs are feeling!  The calves are feeling great - no tightness, no soreness.  The shins are a different story - the soreness is going, but it's still there, niggling away.  Just need to keep my fingers crossed that I am repairing and it's not going to result in a visit to the useless GP for a referral for a scan!

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