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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I got a bit wet!

First blog of March!  Lots been happening since my last entry - well on the running front anyway.  In my last blog I had run 8 miles for the first time, last weekend I ran 8.8 miles and this weekend I ran 9.3.   The times haven't been great but have been consistent at 1 hr 45 mins and 1 hr 55 mins respectively.   I seem to be fated when I decide to do my long run on a Saturday - both weekends it has been wet!  Last week wasn't so bad but this weekend was awful.   It started off as sea mist but by the time I got to 3 miles it was absolutely tipping it down and I was soaked to the skin and couldn't see where I was going (forgot my running cap!)  

Week day running has been a bit messed up.   Sue and I book Tuesday and Thursday evenings for running together, plus our weekly long run on Sundays.  We've only managed one run together in 2 weeks, the other 3 week days I've been out on my own, and obviously the last two weekends too.   Last Tuesday was a nightmare, I'd travelled home from work, got off the bus and promptly fell over landing on my backside.  I didn't think I'd done any damage until I went out for a run a couple of hours later, maybe an uphill run wasn't so good.   I only managed 4 miles and it was more of a run/walk!  Thursday was better and another 4 miles, again on my own, but the back was feeling a little less twingey and the bruising on my ass had gone!

There has been a lot of chat on Twitter about fellow runners not acknowledging each other.   One of my Twitter followers Julia Buckley has produced a vlog guide to runners etiquette Rant About Ignorant Runners.  Today was a prime example of miserable runners.  Although I only came across 5 today, 3 were women who all had the grasp of acknowledging their fellow runners, 1 man who greeted me like an old friend (think I've seen out before - or at least I hope so) and 1 young lad who I said good morning to and who completely blanked me got the "thanks you miserable bastard" response back!  Another new experience was coming across a fellow runner in difficulty.  I would hope that if someone saw me in a similar situation they would come to my aid.  I did stop to check she was ok and we chatted for a couple of minutes (even though I was trying to beat my 8 mile time!) 

All in all pretty happy with my progress - I have signed up to do the Spring Tempest 10 miler on 18th March.   Sue wants to enter too but without having done 6 miles for a few weeks I just hope she can manage it.

In other news, the no coffee challenge I set myself is going well.   I only slipped twice in February, once because hubby bought me a coffee which I ended up tipping away and on 28th February I had run out of Lemon & Ginger tea bags (shock horror) and there was nothing else to have but a coffee.  Can't say I enjoyed the effect it had on me - felt like someone had plugged me in.   I'm going to keep going with the challenge and stick to tea, unless someone buys me a coffee - Shaun xxx

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  1. "Fellow runner in dufficulty?" How so? Good of you to stop then, so it must have been something quite obvious? (vomitting?)

    And I just watch your Twitter friends vlog rant. Very funny & somewhat true here in the US as well. I find when someone is too busy at running to at the very least acknowledge another who loves the same, well, that makes us all look bad unnecessarily.

    I was once struggling on my bike up a very long hill. 7 riders came in the opposite direction, all in full racing gear. They were single file in a swift downhill ride. I saw each rider's face from my side of the road while smiling. Only one raised a hand in briefly greeting... the only woman in the line-up! I should have known :-)

    I much admire your tenacity. Not for the 10-miler signup, but for denying yourself coffee! I couldn't do it. More power to you!