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Monday, 10 October 2011

Don't really know what I'm doing!

So this is my first ever blog - scary!

Had a lovely 2 hour walk with the dog this afternoon.  We did one of our usual walks down to Seaford/Newhaven beach, and back across Tide Mills.   It was extremely windy and the sea was mesmerising as it usually is when it's windy.  There were kite surfers and surfers in the water, and many were rushing down to the beach before the light went.   It's getting dark earlier now it's October.  I am going to need to go out earlier once the clocks go back, except of course when it's raining because Archie, my faithful walking companion, hates going very far when it's raining.  

Also I'm going to be going running 3 days a week for the next few weeks in preparation for the Brooks Brighton 10k in November - well that's the plan at the moment.   This will be my second 10k event.  I'm not a particularly good runner - more of a plodder.  I really enjoy being out in the fresh air although I don't think I'm going to enjoy going out in the dark.   I've been out and bought some high vis kit so hopefully I will be safe enough.  We've sat down and worked out some safer routes for me to run which are hopefully lit.  The only problem is that Newhaven is a little hilly  so choice of route is everything.  My last 10k was 1hr 12 mins so I'm hoping that having done quite a lot more training than the last event in July I will be back over the finish line a bit quicker.   I've managed to set new times for both 5k and 8k this year so I am getting better, and I do enjoy the events.  I am asthmatic and whilst I try not to let it rule my exercise regime, sometimes it does control how much I can do.  I've come to the conclusion that warm, humid conditions do not suit me and my training runs have been better when it's been less warm.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Tomorrow I will hopefully get out with the dog for a couple of hours, the Asda online shop is due between 6 & 8 and I hopefully I will be able to get out for a run.

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