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Friday, 2 February 2018

February - At Last !

Who else is glad to see the back of January ?  The month that kept on giving! 

A few things to look forward to which we've booked or plan to book - we've got a week off work booked for the before Easter bit so hopefully we'll be able to get away in Tribby, although Easter is a bit early this year so we're holding off booking anything until the last minute.   Apart from the weather issue there aren't many sites that are open before 1st April so we're not exactly spoilt for choice, but Shaun has picked a Camping & Caravan Club site at Hertford (we're heading North for a change!)  It says it's a top site for dogs so that's always a plus.   There's nothing worse for us (or Archie) than getting to a site and there being limited walking from the site.

We've booked a long weekend in Portugal in April to celebrate Shaun's dad's 80th birthday, which just so happens to be the day after my birthday.   A villa is booked for Shaun's sister and husband, one of her sons and a friend, dad and us.   It's a shame that Danni and Joel can't join us but final preparations for finishing Uni come first.

That's it so far although the calendar is marked up with all Shaun's long weekends so hopefully we can get away in Tribby but no solid plans yet.

I'm over halfway through my first book of the year - first choice is David Millar's Racing Through the Dark.   A shocking read about his rise and fall as a pro-cyclist after his doping ban.   It's really well written and easy to read.

We've been out on the bikes a couple of times during January building up and adding hillwork as our training for the SRS Spring Sportive in March.  To be honest I'm dreading it, the elevations are pretty scary and it will be a big test - luckily it's only 36 miles! 

The house is still on the market .... just !   We've had nearly 30 people view and are waiting for news an offer that has been placed but it's not looking good.   We've been able to view a couple of properties too and it's now pretty clear in our minds what we want and what we don't, despite the Estate Agents thinking they know better.   Why do they do that - I'm not a timewaster and I am not going to look round a property just to please them.  Still onward and upward, 3 more viewings this weekend so hopefully we'll get a more firm offer from one of those.   Fingers are definitely crossed

Out for a treat tonight with Danni, Joel and my parents - we're going to see War Horse at the Brighton Centre. 

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