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Saturday, 25 April 2015


Some very exciting news and something to tick off the "To Do" List.   AUSTRALIA IS BOOKED

We leave the UK on 9th January and our first stopover will be Kuala Lumpur - it's only a couple of hours, just enough time to stretch our legs & maybe freshen up.   We decided to stay in Sydney for a couple of days before heading to Melbourne to stay with Lou & Andy.  

Andy's very excited about the whole thing and has started making plans - there is talk of a road trip to Adelaide to take in a couple of stages of the Tour Down Under and also take part in the BUPA Challenge, even if it's only the short one!

Now we start on all the planning - where to go, what to see.   We might even try and fit in a couple of days on Tasmania.   So many things to think off - and all very exciting.   To be honest I don't think it's actually sunk in yet, we've only paid a £50 deposit each plus the Sydney hotel - maybe it will be more real the closer we get.

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